Cenario x Stripe


Cenario integrates and plugs in your Stripe data into our platform, safe & securely.

Stripe Integration

We sync your data from Stripe through a seamless integration which you have the power to refresh every day at any time.

With this seamless integration, you will be able to view your real-time data. We will soon be releasing forecasting, budgeting, invoice management & much more soon :)
  • 60 seconds to integrate your Stripe Account into Cenario.
  • When integrating your Stripe data, instantly see your numbers populated with interactive, intuitive graphs and cards.
  • Coming soon!

    - Detailed Scenario-based forecasting
    - Detailed Segmentation
    - Detailed Customer profiles
    - Invoice management - get those invoices

Powerful, actionable insights from Stripe

Quickly get insights to action

Right now, you will be able to see instant insights that matter to your business.

If you need to get more info about insights, click on one of the cards and see more detailed information about that metric. Easily filter by dates to narrow down information you may be seeking.

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