Cenario x Slack

Business numbers are important, really important, but damn, they're boring.

At Cenario we've made numbers ridiculously fun, and part of the process is working with our favourite app - Slack -

With one click the most important bits to your business will be cherry picked and delivered to you, everyday.


Slack Integration

Syncing up Slack with Cenario is as easy as one click. In no time, quite literally you'll be receiving fundamental metrics about your business everyday.

Save hours of time & money by focusing on the things that matter in your business, whilst having the confidence of being on top of your financials.
  • Once integrated with Slack, you'll get access to crucial financial data. No more financial gotchas
  • All your important numbers delivered to you each day, in a fun way
Each business is different, and that matters

...personalise what matters

Each business cares about different numbers at different phases of their lives.

We don't generalise, we know somethings matter and your time definitely does.

You can choose exactly what you want daily access to.

We're adding new metrics everyday, so get in touch to request for more.


The result...

Nice, simple, fun!
  • Voila, hot off your bank account

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