Cenario x Shopify


Cenario securely integrates your shopify data into our protected platform.

Shopify Integration

Your data is updated in real time so if you have a sale or a customer ATC, you’ll see that on your Cenario DB as it happens - no delays.

No more ugly tables with numbers that make you squint your eyes. With Cenario, your numbers are finally going to be easy.
  • Integrate your Shopify data within seconds.
  • Get access to key data insights on how you can maximise your profits
  • Optimise your funnels from different data sources within seconds
  • Understand where you’re losing money and fix those issues ASAP


Create real time objectives based on goals you’re tracking to hit and organise your important tasks to hit these OKRs.

Funnel optimisation

We all want to make more money for the same investment, this means optimising your funnel as fast and as intelligently as possible.

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