Result Generating Subscription Analytics.

Cenario SaaS helps you understand the details of your SaaS metrics with ease. We track all metrics across Revenue, MRR, Churn, Customer Movements & more.
"Once I had the demo of Cenario, I was thoroughly impressed with its capabilities to help with my numbers in my freelance business."
Thom Nyugen, Unicorn Designer at TMRW Creative

Track your performance in one easy dashboard

Be across with ease all the required metrics you need to know for your SaaS business. We make it dead simple for you to be across everything, in the past & present (and very soon, the future!)

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Very Powerful Features Coming Soon

- Failed Charge Recovery (1 click magic like experience to recover significant lost revenue)

All these powerful features coming soon ALL FOR FREE - Yes, for free!

Then $39 p/m if using Cenario like.. all the time ;)

We focus on keeping things simple

No ones complexity for the sake of it. Whilst we work in SaaS (and typically pretty smart people ;), we just want instant information which is fast, easy and more importantly digestible to understand.

No more complex fancy dashboards.

Detailed metrics in just 2 clicks

Cenario helps you dive deep into detailed metrics that matter in your business. Get a good view of what's happening right now and in the past so you can action the steps needed to help grow your business.

Your go to overview of all the top metrics

In just one single view, get a picture of the metrics that are most important to your SaaS business.

- Revenue
- MRR Movements
- Churn
- Customer Data

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