How marketers understand better ROI on their campaigns

Marketers use Cenario in order to plan and work out the ROI of marketing strategies & campaigns in conjunction with other business activity.
"The Cenario boys have done a great job with this tool. Very strong for marketers and keen to get my hands on this bay boy."
Stephen Ezketzis, Founder of Digital Marketers Australia

What is going to generate an ROI impact?

Custom Dashboard

Track your marketing goals, all in one place

Have the ability right away to see the numbers happening in the business, in conjunction working out your key marketing strategies & tactics and your impact.


Show your manager the ROI of your ideas

It's one thing to do a marketing budget, but it's another thing to prove the impact it has on the bottom line of a business. With Cenario, this is much easier to communicate the value of your marketing initiatives.

Real alerts

Keep a pulse on other business activity

Whilst not all activity within a business is relevant to marketers day to day, the ability to then make decisions and see trends on performance, will force yourself as a marketer to come up with faster and better ideas to get more customers.

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