Predict the future, effortlessly.

Understanding your numbers & predicting the future has never been so easy.
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Track your performance, all in one place

You won't get lost in the piles of spreadsheets and docs – your numbers, goals, updates, forecasting and breakdowns all in one place.

Know where your business is right now

Instantly see the real-time numbers in your business and instant forecasts based on historical data. Add layers to your forecasts through scenario management to understand the decisions you want to make and the impact it has on your finances and cashflow.

Track your expenses

Cenario predicts your subscription expenses so you never get caught off guard . Create budgets and maintain them all in one place.

Forecasting & scenario management with ease

No more need for complex spreadsheet or complicated financial modelling. Cenario does the work for you. Using your real-time business numbers, you can do forecasts into the future based on various scenarios (e.g. Running a marketing campaign, making an investment, hiring someone, etc).

Decide your next best steps for your business

Simulate & Plan are the most powerful features Cenario has to offer. With ease, insert information around decisions you want to make, and we do the rest! Instantly see graphs and numbers change to illustrate what will happen.

Know where you're business is right now

Another very powerful feature of Cenario is custom real-time alerts and notifications. We will help you understand trends and patterns in your numbers, so you can make a better decision.

Go into the detail of your numbers easily

Get into the nitty gritty of your numbers. You can see a breakdown of almost anything! See your top performing customers, who still needs to pay their invoices, your total expenses & so much more!

Real-time transactions for cashflow

Understanding how clients or customers are affecting your cashflow payments to achieve your goals is critical. We make it simple to understand who's paid and who may still owe you.

Understand the numbers that impact your business

We're here with you for every step of the way. Learn numbers in your business that are relevant to you. Some you may know, some others you want. We're here to help educate you why they're important.

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