Freelancers don't have time for boring spreadsheets

Keeping on top of your financials is critical, but as a freelancer, you don't have the time to do forecasting or build financial models. We do that for you.
"Cenario is so good for freelancers... I really love it"
Stephen Legend, Sr. Marketer at DMA

Be across the financials that matter to you

There's no more getting lost in the piles of spreadsheets and docs – or looking up tutorials on google. All your numbers that you need to be aware of are in Cenario.

Save Time

Save time and become more confident in your financials

Time is luxury as a freelancer. You're already time poor and with juggling many plates, knowing how you're going to grow your business without wasting time is crucial. You can whip up forecasts in less than 5 minutes... Yes, 5 mins :)

Real-time notifications

Get automatic reminders and notifications to help you

We're not expecting you to log into Cenario every day. You've already got enough on your plate. That's why we do the heavy lifting and notify you of any changes or trends that you need to be aware of, so you can focus on what you enjoy and do best.

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