How Founders make better financial decisions

Founders from small to larger startups use Cenario to help prioritise decisions for growth.
"This is a great product idea and definitely a problem to help solve for many business owners, including myself."
VP of Engineering, Expert 360 & Founder at Stealth Business
Easy Dashboard

Easily track & manage your numbers

Don't get lost in the piles of spreadsheets and docs – your goals, updates, comments and numbers all in one place.


Forecasting with ease & accuracy

No need to get lost in complex spreadsheets or not understanding what your CFO or accountant are saying.

We're here to help you have the power to make decisions yourself by using our AI predictive scenario management tool.

Real-time alerts

Keep a pulse on your finances which could affect your business

Always be in the know with real-time notifications and updates about your financial situation with our built-in, AI-driven notification features.

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