Know your tomorrow, like your today.

Experience the power of cenario with easy to use forecasting by connecting your Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB account.
"This is a great product idea and definitely a problem to help solve for many business owners, including myself."
VP of Engineering, Expert 360 & Founder at Stealth Business

Creating forecasts has never been so easy

You won't get lost in the piles of spreadsheets and docs – your numbers, goals, updates, forecasting and breakdowns all in one place.

Insights that you can action

Cenario is not just another dashboard tool that simply spits out information. We're proactive.

Get insights based on your forecasts and then action right away. As an example, invoices that are due may affect your short term cash flow and investments. In the click of a button, clear out your pending invoices to get paid faster.

See the power of our forecasting feature in action

Otto is the best software platform to easily capture user
feed back for your brand and products.

Create cenarios faster than rabbits can create babies

Creating a forecast is an easy as counting 1, 2 and 3. Simply enter items you re considering for growth into the future and then press "Start".

Our magic AI models will then calculate your forecasts.

And yes, you can do multiple scenarios at once :)

Get intelligent and deep insights

When you create the forecasts and scenarios, our smart AI models will show and give you insights into what it means to your business.

It will show you whether or not you're making the right decision, how much cash you have in the bank & much more.

Switch between cenarios easily

The beautiful thing about cenario is that you can run many varying scenarios at once, and also test between various scenarios against each other.

Edit cenarios even once live

Our platform is very intuitive and simple to use when it comes to deciding on various forecasts.

You can easily change the items when running your scenarios in just a few clicks, and of course create new cenarios to add to your forecasts.

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