[Video] The many benefits of hiring a Virtual CFO

Interview with Cloud CFO's founder Elan Pamensky where we discussed about the benefits and roles of Virtual CFO's for small businesses & startups.

I had a wonderful video interview with Elan Pamensky who is the founder of Cloud CFO where we discussed the benefits of why startups and small businesses should consider hiring a Virtual CFO.

It was the second interview we've done with Elan & thoroughly enjoyed this one.

We had a great discussion across these topics & asked him these key questions:

  • What is a Virtual CFO and how can they help small businesses and startups?
  • How much time/investment do small businesses/startups usually make when dealing with a virtual CFO?
  • What assistance or information can a Virtual CFO provide compared to say existing tools or perhaps having a CFO full-time?
  • What’s the difference between dealing with a startup or small business as a virtual CFO? What differences in challenges do you encounter?
  • Do large companies need to have a full-time CFO? Or what level should they consider using a virtual CFO before needing to bring in someone full-time?
  • As a virtual CFO yourself, what common mistakes do you see with your clients or just businesses in general?
  • If you had to offer 3 tips for a small business or startup when looking for a Virtual CFO, what should they consider and look out for?

If you're a startup or small business, it's worth watching this video about the benefits of a Virtual CFO :)

Dan Siepen
Co-founder of Cenario

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