[Video] Key Accounting Factors to Consider when Raising Seed or Series A

In this interview, we chat with Chris Pham the managing director of Mission Grow Advisors about what startups need to be aware of in regards to accounting factors for Series A & Seed Stage capital investments

I had a great interview with Chris Pham from Mission Grow Advisors (he also has one of the best websites I have ever seen :).

We went in-depth about what startups need to prepare for from an accounting perspective when it comes to raising seed or Series A capital.

We chatted amongst these key themes & topics:

  • What do startups need to prepare when trying to successfully raise capital? (I.e. What items? Reports? Forecasts? Etc).
  • From an accounting perspective, what do they also need to prepare and what assistance from an accountant should they look for?
  • How do you as an accountant help them though the process of when they do raise capital? Do you help around forming the right valuations?
  • How do you then help startups as an accountant when they have raised successfully? What’s your input on next steps?
  • What are mistakes you may see with clients or other startups with their accounting when raising capital?
  • How do startups forecast or show scenarios for growth based on their current run rate and how investment will help achieve their goals/KPI’s?

It was a very good interview and worth hearing from Chris in this interview if you're thinking about raising capital for your startup.

Dan Siepen
Co-founder of Cenario

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