9 Amazing QuickBooks Add-Ons you need to try

If you're a QuickBooks user, you know the power it provides your business. However, have you tried some of the amazing add-ons that can help make your business more efficient?

If you've landed on this blog post, it’s most likely you’re already familiar with the amazing benefits QuickBooks can provide for your small business. 

QuickBooks is a great cloud based accounting tool as a stand alone product. However, beyond just the core features of the platforms, it’s the “add-on” application ecosystem of various apps which can really make QuickBooks and your accounting much more powerful. 

From streamlining, building more efficient processes, to saving time, there are many apps in the QuickBooks marketplace that can help with: 

  • Time Tracking
  • Receipt Management
  • CRM
  • Invoice Follow-ups
  • E-commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • And More!

For all of the above, there are incredible tools that you can integrate with your QuickBooks account to help improve many facets of the day to day operations and growth of your business, synced with your actual financial data. 

Below, here are 9 amazing add-ons you need to try today for your small business. 

Most even have a free trial period, so what have you got to lose? :)

1. Receipt Bank

(Image: Receipt Bank)

Receipt Bank is one of the top paperless accounting tools you can add to your Quickbooks arsenal. 

Receipts bank uses their advanced machine learning technology to save time not having to do time-consuming data-entry which for all small businesses want to avoid. 

How do they do this? Some of the core features of Receipt Bank include; 


  • Receipt Scans
  • One-Click Publishing
  • Automatic Invoice Collection
  • Manage Employee Expenses

It’s so simple to use and a big fan of this platform! I highly recommend giving Receipt Bank a trial for your business. There’s a 14 day free trial to get started to see if it’s right for you. 

2. eBility - Time Tracker

(Image: eBility)

eBility has over 1000+ reviews at an average of 4.5 for very good reason. eBility is one of the leading add-ons for QuickBooks to help keep payroll and time tracking easy. 

The add-on helps determine and highlight which employees, projects and clients are most efficient to the business. This easy to view data through the platform combined with QuickBooks data can help quickly put out or hone in on operational inefficiencies. 

The core features eBility has include; 

  • Mobile App - Employees or anyone part of the business can download the simple-to-use app
  • Time Tracking - From any device
  • Approve Time - One click approvals
  • GPS Tracking - This is pretty impressive. You can see anyone around the world when they clocked into the app to track their time or other data they may fill in. 
  • Scheduling 

eBility is incredible with the ability to combine time tracking, payroll and invoicing which typically in the past without applications like eBility would usually take hours in administration time to complete. 

The power and control to see cost efficiencies based on the numbers happening through the business is quite powerful to help action key items to improve profit margins. 

3. Quotient

(Image: Sourceforge)

Quotient is an easy to use, intuitive online proposal and quoting software that integrates with your QuickBooks account. They also integrate with other amazing platforms

The core features Quotient has include; 

  • Custom templates
  • Options/Multiple choice items for clients/prospects
  • Notifications
  • Dashboard

The templates Quotient have are beautiful so you can really impress your clients or the prospect with quotes which are typically boring in design. There are various templates to choose from depending on the types of offering which is awesome! 

You can send the quote through a personalised link straight to the client or prospect, and the client/prospect can then make edits to the quote directly through choosing optional or multiple choice items. 

Better yet, especially if you have many quotes happening at once, you can talk directly on the quote itself to finalise and close the deal. 

All so simple and intuitive to use. 


4. Method CRM

(Image: Method CRM)

Managing all the clients and partners you have can be a complex task. Additionally, it’s hard to find a quality CRM that you can integrate with invoices or the value of that customer with your financial numbers. Whilst there are hundreds of CRM’s on the market for all industry types, it’s hard to find many quality CRM’s, which are simple to use and can integrate with a popular accounting platform. 

With over 1200+ 5 star reviews, it’s no wonder why method CRM is one of the top and most popular app on the QuickBooks store. 

Method CRM has powerful patented sync technology that can instantly pull invoices, payments, customers and much more information. 

It has the features like many other CRM’s have including the ability; 

  • Manage leads with ease
  • Customer information - know each customer
  • Ability to streamline workflows
  • Reports
  • Templates
  • Portal for customers
  • & much more!

It’s hard to create a CRM which is designed for small business owners, however we certainly recommend giving Method CRM a try! With a 30-day free trial, why not give it a go?

5. Acuity Scheduling

(Image: Acuity Scheduling)

Run a business that needs a reliable and easy to use scheduling software tool that saves you time and organise your client data? Look no further than Acuity Scheduling!

Acuity Scheduling powers over 50,000 businesses worldwide which acts as an online personal assistant to businesses that take many bookings. 

With Acuity scheduling you can: 

  • Client bookings
  • Reminders
  • Cancellations
  • Collect payments

You can do all of this with only one click when integrated with your QuickBooks account. How amazing is that! 

It even has the features of clients being able to view your calendar and view your real-time availability, so they can book in that appointment. 

How can this be done? You can sync in your calendar such as google calendar or iCloud. 

Additionally, you can accept payments such as Stripe, Square and Paypal through Acuity. Amazing software and no surprise it has many positive reviews. 


6. Sync your Square, Stripe & PayPal - An app by Synder

(Image: QuickBooks App Store)

Currently run a POS system or need to find a way to sync all your data into QuickBooks to get your accounts all working efficiently? 

This tool can in one-click and bring in all your historic and ongoing data into QuickBooks in absolute ease. 

It’s now super easy to reconcile your sales and expenses, which are now all organised into QuickBooks to see your overall view of your financials. 

With over 500+ 5 star reviews, it’s certainly worth giving this tool a go if you use PayPal, Stripe or Square. 

See all the benefits here

7. Ecommerce Sync by Webgility

(Image: Ecommerce Sync by Webgility)

Have you been on the hunt for an inventory platform that can sync in with ease with the likes of QuickBooks?

Ecommerce Sync by Webgility can connect with any e-commerce channel, such as Amazon, Shopify and more, in just one click. 

You can instantly sync: 

  • Customer info
  • Orders
  • Product items
  • Sales tax
  • Discounts
  • Billing
  • Marketplace fees
  • & more

The best part yet! It doesn’t just need to be with just one provider, you can sync all ecommerce channels that are available with their multi-channel support function. 

You can now fully automate your accounting and bookkeeping with ease. 

See the full list of benefits and details on the QuickBooks store.  

8. Fundbox 

(Image: Forbes)

Described in WIRED as “Wanting to be the Paypal for small businesses”, Fundbox (available in the US only) helps businesses by supplying credit to help them grow. Unlike traditional ways of getting credit, Fundbox makes it streamlined to get access to credit, all within the dashboard of your QuickBooks account. 

The way Fundbox works is that you; 

  • Share basic information about your company
  • Connect your QuickBooks account
  • Find out if you qualify 
  • If approved, draw funds anytime (all within the next business day - quite impressive!) 

They’ve made it dead simple to get the credit you may need to scale your business. You only pay when you withdraw. 

With over 700+ 5 Star reviews, if you’re running a business right now that needs that extra injection to reach your goals, it’s definitely worth applying/connecting with Fundbox. 

9. Taxomate

(Image: Startup 88

Good news for those who run Amazon Marketplace businesses and use QuickBooks! Taxomate is here to save you time and make it easy for you to import your transactions from Amazon into QBO. 

The best thing is that all of this is automated! Yes, automated! So no need to get your accountant or pay someone hundreds of dollars per month input transactions from Amazon. Taxomate streamlines the whole process at a great monthly cost. 

So, how does it work exactly?

  • Taxomate finds settlements from your Amazon account 
  • It generates journals for all the settlements and posts to QuickBooks Online automatically
  • Any new settlement that is initiated, it’s detected and populates a summary of expenses and revenue + other transaction data 
  • Choose then the tax rate required which is then automatically applied moving forward. 

It’s an incredible tool with over 30+ 5 star reviews and very glowing reviews of Amazon store owners. 

Pricing plans are also reasonable and scale nicely when your store and sales increase. There’s not much to lose! 

Wrapping up

There are many incredible apps on the QuickBooks App store to streamline and make your business more efficient across; managing invoices, time tracking, inventory management, payroll, analytics, CRM and much more! 

It’s great to see many applications with the QuickBooks ecosystem and it’s only going to increase further in short future, which is great for all small to medium size businesses. 

Any favourites of yours that syncs with QuickBooks that we didn't mention? Get in touch with us and we will love to try it out!

Dan Siepen
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