How accountants use Cenario to help their clients for growth

Cenario isn't just purely for business owners or those who work in small business. We help accountants add another tool to their arsenal to communicate client financials.
"Cenario are doing some great things for forecasting."
Kris Hofer, Xero Certified Advisor & VP of Engineering at Valiant Finance
Easy Dashboard

A custom dashboard for your clients

Accountants have the ability to unlock a master view and have multiple clients under one account. That way you can easily tap into various client accounts effortlessly to keep an eye on their performance.

Activity Log

Understand more about how your client does numbers

You don't see the day in and day out of your client working in order to grow their business. You don't have time. Now it's easy to view their forecasts, scenarios and what they need to do to grow their business, so you can give more impactful advice.

Real-time alerts

Be on top of your client's numbers in real-time

Never be out of the loop when it comes to your client's financial position with our built-in, AI-drive notification tools.

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