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About Us

Hello, we’re Cenario

A passionate team of experienced entrepreneurs & creators building a product to help businesses succeed.
"The product is fantastic. I've been checking out my dashboard everyday since I signed up working out different ways we can grow more effectively. One thing to add, is that i'm really happy I don't need to deal with any number I don't understand, it's all there and everything is explained."
Karan Parikh | Founder @ Green Rain Studios

Our Vision

82% of small businesses according to fail to due poor cashflow and financial management.

If we delivered on our purpose for everyone, we would see a world of greater prosperity. The more competent we are in understanding our business’s numbers the greater chance we have of succeeding.

The Opportunity

There’s a significant gap in the market when it comes to scenario simulations, visualisation and future-oriented solutions.

Our solution finds patterns in your business’s numbers and makes it easy for business owners to financially story tell tomorrow. How many tools do this?

Great Marketing

We've built a product that requires minimal financial knowledge to become an expert, comparatively we're extremely easy to use. We're on average 3x cheaper than our closest competitor and one of the only tools focused on situation scenarios and the use of mathematical & adaptive models to help businesses.

The Journey

We’ve come a long way... so far.

Since we were first founded in June 2019, we've come a long way in a short amount of time, tackling a big problem all businesses face.
June, 2019
Idea first talked about
The two founders, Vaibhav Namburi & Dan Siepen first came up with the idea sitting in a cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia, where we talked about wanting to work together and our biggest pain points in running previous businesses being finances & cashflow.
July, 2019
Our new HQ
When we officially formed the company and built the initial team, the next step was to host our team in a new HQ in Sydney.
August, 2019
Product Development Began
Product kicked off in late June through initial design & development, with August being our first month development and testing the product successfully with over 100+ businesses. This was our first round of feedback where we received great feedback to help improve the product.
September, 2019
Users now already paying
It's exciting times at Cenario, having our first 10 paying customers through the door and using the product. We are currently still doing one-on-one on-boarding with new signups waiting to be onboarded and new paying customers ready.
October, 2019
We changed our name
We changed our name from our original name Flowyse to our new name Cenario. Why did we change? We found out through getting new signups and customers that there were nearly 5 variations of pronouncing "Flowyse". We realised we didn't want this to be the case. So, through one of our brand advisors Jonathan Sankey, we changed our name to Cenario and we LOVE it! We many customers saying they love it too :)

“Really love the forecasting product these guys have developed.”

Will Wang, Founder & CEO of Growth Labz

Just one of the business owners & happy users of Cenario. Chat to us today in how Cenario can help your business.

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