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Hello, we’re Cenario

We're a passionate team of experienced entrepreneurs & creators building a product to help businesses know their numbers, make better decisions and go on to succeed.

We think differently

When it comes to building product, our absolute core focus is on delivering an amazing customer experience.

We're proud as a team with our ability to build out features and product capabilities users love.

We're only just getting started.
"The product is fantastic. I've been checking out my dashboard everyday since I signed up working out different ways we can grow more effectively. One thing to add, is that i'm really happy I don't need to deal with any number I don't understand, it's all there and everything is explained."
Karan Parikh | Founder @ Green Rain Studios
We understand what business owners and entrepreneurs go through everyday. One of the biggest things we see businesses go through is a lack of understanding of their real-time financial numbers and analytics. Not just that, but the ability to control their budgeting and do forecasting with ease."
Dan Siepen, Co-founder of Cenario

Our Values

Teamwork & People
Perspective & Understanding
Have fun no matter what
Passion or what's the point?
Embrace and enjoy learning
Test, fail & learn every day

Founder Notes

See more businesses succeed

I've seen too many business owners fail because they don't know their numbers.

Vaibhav Namburi
Co-founder, Cenario

Passionate about education

We hope at Cenario we can empower businesses to know their numbers and make better decisions quickly and data-informed.

Dan Siepen
Co-founder, Cenario

We’ve come a long way... so far

Since we were first founded in June 2019, we've come a long way in a short amount of time, tackling a big problem all businesses face.
June, 2019
  • The two founders, Vaibhav Namburi & Dan Siepen first came up with the idea sitting in a cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia, where we talked about wanting to work together and our biggest pain points in running previous businesses being finances & cashflow.
July, 2019
  • When we officially formed the company and built the initial team, the next step was to host our team in a new HQ in Sydney.
August, 2019
  • Product kicked off in late June through initial design & development, with August being our first month development and testing the product successfully with over 100+ businesses. This was our first round of feedback where we received great feedback to help improve the product.
September, 2019
  • It's exciting times at Cenario, having our first 10 paying customers through the door and using the product. We are currently still doing one-on-one on-boarding with new signups waiting to be onboarded and new paying customers ready.
October, 2019
  • We changed our name from our original name Flowyse to our new name Cenario. Why did we change? We found out through getting new signups and customers that there were nearly 5 variations of pronouncing "Flowyse". We realised we didn't want this to be the case. So, through one of our brand advisors Jonathan Sankey, we changed our name to Cenario and we LOVE it! We many customers saying they love it too :)

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