Understanding data is hard.

We make it simple.

Focus on making better data-informed eCommerce decisions for growth.
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"Signed up for Cenario and love the instant metrics and insights it gives you about your business. The ability to do forecasting and budgeting with my real-time finances has been awesome. I can view the amount of runway, key customer details and invoice patterns really has been awesome value to our business!".
Michael Wong, Co-founder of

Make smarter eCommerce decisions faster

We make your next eCommerce decision simple by finding patterns in your numbers to financially story tell tomorrow.

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Simplified eCommerce Metrics

In seconds you can connect every marketing and outreach data point available to you.

Focus on what matters most and with everything meshed into a single data source

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eCommerce Simplified. Focus On Profits.

Your business, visualised in real-time

Explore and discover insights with our industry-leading data arena. Understand your business and uncover patterns that’ll help you focus your energy on actions that move the needle

Conversions define eComm success

Build funnels across data sources, set up targets, and within a few clicks start tracking where you’re losing money.

No more guesswork, no 100 excel sheets, everything is in real time and right where you want it

What gets measured, gets done

Get your entire company’s goals siloed into a singular source of truth.
Enjoy hands free real-time tracking with marketing metrics synced to each goal.

Create strategic to-dos to achieve goals, assign it to team members, and watch your team perform at their peak.

You’re free to blend your data

Each eCommerce company is unique and sometimes the available metrics aren't enough.

With our blended algorithm system, you’re free to create custom formulas combining metrics from independent data sources, all in real time.

Sometimes a birds-eye view isn’t enough

Our adaptive algorithms let you laser down every metric and create segments of customers so you know which customer is bringing you the most money and why

Prepare your business for anything

Ditch your expensive & outdated excel sheets with our proprietary AI algorithms.

Cenario lets you test what-if situations across the board, automatically creates forecasts & notifies you of any revenue anomalies in real time.

Many Startups & Small Businesses fail because of a lack of financial understanding or bad financial decisions. Our mission at Cenario is to empower founders, entrepreneurs and small businesses to make better decisions for growth
Dan Siepen & Vaibhav Namburi, Co-founders of Cenario

Why Cenario

We're not just another 'Dashboard' tool. We're focused on being proactive, not just reactive.

We're Proactive

Focused on helping you understand your future, not just what's happened.

Value for money

We're much cheaper compared to our competitors with powerful featues.


Our focus is to make things very simple and easy to understand. Otherwise, what's the point?

100% Safe & Secure

GDPR compliant and your data is completely encrypted which means no one can see it.

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Choose from either your Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB account in a seamless connection.

Get Instant insights into data that you can action

In just a matter of time, you will receive valuable insights for your business.

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