"Understanding my finances and cashflow in my business has always been a challenge. Whilst I've used nice financial dashboard software in the past, the scenario management planning with my real-time finances and cashflow is what I'm really excited about with Cenario."
Will Wang | Founder/CEO @ Growth Labz
Why Cenario

Understanding your finances is hard. We make it simple.

"82% of small businesses fail because of poor cashflow management skills or a poor understanding of their cashflow" - Score.org
  • Running a business is tough. Focus more on meaningful work rather than playing with spreadsheets.
  • We want you to be in control of your finances wherever you go in your business.
  • Plan in advance the steps you need to take, whilst keeping an eye your cashflow and finances in real-time.
Meet Cenario

We believe numbers should be sexy.

We make your next business decision simple by finding patterns in your numbers to financially story tell tomorrow.
  • We find patterns in your business’s numbers, washing them with industry data to financially storytell tomorrow.
  • It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s numbers for people who hate numbers. If it's not fun, then why do it at all?
  • It's time to burn the spreadsheets. We want to help you become more competent with your financials.
Predict the future

Plan your growth goals with ease.

  • Fast & easy to sign up in less than 3 minutes.
  • Analyse & Explore your real-time financial dashboard
  • Create scenarios with ease and see how your numbers change
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Access Anywhere

Be able to access your numbers anywhere, anytime.

Having access to your numbers regularly is crucial for business success.
  • Users will have the ability to view their numbers within their browsers at anytime, anywhere. (mobile coming soon)
  • The ability to access your real-time finances and cashflow with ease on your mobile puts you more in control.
  • Make better business decisions even whilst not being in front of your desktop or in the office.
All professionals

For business professionals to make better decisions.

We're not a tool just for business owners or the financially-savvy. It's meant to help all working professionals to understand their requirements day-to-day and what impact is has on the bottom-line.

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Be in control

Master your numbers.

Create different scenarios to help you reach your growth goals.
The possibilities are endless!

This is where the real power of Cenario kicks in...

Predict the future of your financials by creating different scenarios through our powerful forecasting technology to understand what your numbers will look like in the future to reach your goals.

The best part? Anyone can use it...

Be able to analyse your cashflow an financials anywhere, anytime on the go on desktop and mobile.
Simulate various scenarios based on your previous data to understand the steps in order to achieve your goals.
Plan in advance the steps you need to take, whilst keeping an eye your cashflow and finances in real-time.
Be smarter

Make smarter financial decisions for your business growth.

Machine Learning

Using machine learning, our smart trained models will learn from your past performance & data, whilst you build out your growth goals.

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Accounting Integrations

Users will be able to integrate their Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB data in order to collect historical and current data. More API's & Integrations coming soon!

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Predictive Analytics

When using our special features, you will be able to see in real-time an analysis of your past, current and future finances.

It's super cool. Try it out for yourself.

Intuitive Graphs

Many programs can give you fancy looking graphs to look at. Our graphs are intuitive, beautiful and quite fun to play with.

You will never get sick of your numbers

Real-Time Alerts

One of the powerful features of Cenario is the ability to have up-to-date notifications and alerts about your financial position.

Never be out of the loop

Get Deep Analysis

You will be able to get into the nitty gritty of understanding your finances and the steps you need to take with your finances.

Analytical? You will love our tool
Extra Features

A quick feature snapshot.

Our simple design sets us apart

One of the biggest advantages we have over other tools (including some of the existing accounting tools), is because of how easy our tool is to navigate. Experience numbers differently.

The best technology stack

We use the latest and cutting-edge technology development frameworks which are secure and help scale to ensure our amazing users experience a tool like no other.

We keep pricing fair

We are already much more affordable compared to our competitors. If you're a non-profit or an enterprise wanting more features, contact us and we can chat.

Our product can be used by anyone

Our product can be used by anyone, anywhere with their respective accounting or payments platform. In the future, there will be more localised features.


Who we integrate with.

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We love these guys

Connect any of these favourite tools

Sync any of these tools in just a few clicks.
See your financial data populate instantly and be able to do forecasting and scenario management with ease right away!

(more integrations coming soon)

How it works
Customer love

People are loving us.

(Our name was previously Flowyse... We recently changed it to Cenario. We decided that Cenario is a better name ;)

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